Flower Essence Therapy in Brighton and Hove

Finding grace with the help of nature spirits

What are flower essences

Flower essences are on the border between herbal infusions and what we call vibrational medicine. They hold the energetic signature of the flowers we make them from. We believe that these energetic signatures are able to communicate with the subtle energy bodies and initiate healing processes. Many practitioners, including myself, also believe that this process happens with the help of nature spirits (devas).

Flower essences are prescribed based upon symptoms of mental, emotional and spiritual disharmony, such as unwanted thoughts, feelings or inner conflict. They are gentle with no known side effects, and a great complementary therapy to psychotherapy, energy work, meditation, ceremonial work, or any other form of self-developmental practice.

Benefits of having a consultation

Back in the 1930s, the father of modern flower essence therapy, Dr Bach said that once someone is familiar with his 38 essences, they can prescribe flower essences for themselves. But over the years we have been creating essences from more and more flower species, all of them being different in their actions. The practice has expanded.

I have almost a hundred remedies in my collection. I can help you work with them in a modern, dynamic and mindful way, and guide you through the process. If I feel that it is appropriate, I can also advise you on taking some low potency homeopathic remedies (I am a final year student of homeopathy).

What to expect

During a consultation, I will ask you about your life, your mental health, your dreams and aspirations, and about any unwanted thoughts and feelings you struggle with. You can answer in any way you see fit, and share as much with me as you wish.

After the consultation, I will create a unique mixture of essences for you. You will be asked to take the mixture for 3-4 weeks, up to 3-4 times a day, and observe your reactions and changes in moods. Some clients get very creative during this process, and record their experiences in written or voice journals. This can be helpful but not a necessary commitment.

Follow up appointments can be booked 6 weeks apart.

Flowers that heal us

If you would like to learn more about how flowers can help your mental health, listen to this wonderful TED talk by Gudrun Penselin. 

''Have you ever stopped to think how flowers make you feel? And what it is that creates your response? Is it their colour? Is it their scent? Maybe they remind you of a special moment in your life?''