Reiki Healing in Brighton and Hove

Harmonising and vitalising body, mind and soul

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique, originating in the late 1800s. Reiki practitioners recognise that the human body has multiple layers of energy field, which they can harmonise by either gently placing their palms directly on the body or hovering over certain parts. They do this by giving out healing energy through their palms. 

Over the centuries, Reiki became an extremely popular treatment in the West. It is mainly used for relaxation, stress-release and symptom relief. Although Reiki is not recognised for what it is by the conventional medical community, in recent decades it has started to become available even in hospitals, through different charitable organisations. 

How it works

Reiki energy is a form of universal life energy, which the practitioner channels from the etheric realms to treat the etheric body of the client. By channeling life energy to the etheric body, the mental/emotional and physical body becomes more harmonised and vitalised. These bodies are also reminded of their own self-healing mechanisms, which can result in short or long-term relief of physical ailments or troubling thoughts and emotions.

For Reiki to remain an effective, gentle and safe practice, I believe that the practitioner needs to quiet their mind and focus on the client and on clear, simple intentions. Therefore I always try my best to keep my thoughts balanced and focused when giving Reiki.

What to expect?

Reiki treatments normally take place on a massage table. If you have difficulty lying down, you can also receive Reiki while being seated on a chair. Receiving Reiki is a deeply relaxing and nourishing experience. Most clients fall asleep during Reiki, and wake up feeling recharged, calmer and more sure of themselves. 

Reiki can initiate the dissolution of long-held blockages and accelerate balancing processes, which some clients feel more than others. After your Reiki session, you might feel like you are ready to take on the world, but it is more common for clients to feel that they would like to go home and relax. Either way, it is good to be mindful about what you are doing after your treatment, to further support the processes initiated during your healing session.

What is Reiki?

A beautiful short film made by A Soaring Spirit Reiki. Definitely worth a watch if you are curious to see a glimpse of what Reiki can mean to a practitioner and to the clients whose lives they have touched. 

''The primary ingredient in any type of healing is love.''